Connected Parenting


Parenting doesn’t come with a road map or an instruction manual, yet the basic instincts to protect and want what is best for your child seems to naturally be the driving force for parenthood.  

Connected Parenting, our personal philosophy, came about through learning from the various schools of discipline and the most effective strategies on child behavior based on developmental milestones. 

With roots in eastern spiritual philosophy, our focus lies in raising inner awareness, full acceptance, and interconnectedness. Put into practice by appreciating each child’s uniqueness and creating a space of respect, kindness, and compassion, while promoting creativity.

The early childhood years and experiences have the most important impact, where the foundation is laid for becoming a human being. Just as a newborn comes into the world with complete trust in their parents to take care of their life and growth, and always do right by them, we need to have the same trust in the child. It is the child who is the one who can best give us the answers to what they need for their development. We can find these answers by observing and tuning in. During these years as a parent, you have the potential to assist in developing your child’s gifts and abilities in a safe and encouraging space that will give your child the possibility to grow and develop in freedom.

Discipline is about guiding a child’s behavior. Non-forceful discipline can and will be achieved by changing the way we approach parenting in the sense of being present without judgement, setting boundaries by example, creating expectations around your child’s needs, and promoting freedom and independence.

Connected parenting is a mindful approach that has stemmed from over a decade and a half of knowledge, personal experience, and research based strategies for parents to implement in creating the deepest and most beautiful bond with their children so that they can have the most successful life possible.

To meet a child’s gaze is more than a meeting of springtime. It’s like going on a journey back tens of thousands of years. Not only to find your own childhood again, but to search for childhood in the dawn of time
— Andre Bjerke


Learning about Connected Parenting and applying it in our home was one of the most effective and beneficial things we could have possibly done.
I learned the simplest yet super effective methods to disciplining my child, and it doesn’t involve any yelling, screaming, or being forceful in any way. Because of that I’m able to witness him grow into such an amazing and independent little human day by day and our bond has reached a whole new level.
This program was the missing link between my son and I, learning to effectively communicate with him on a deeper level of understanding.
My daughter is more respectful because she feels respected. She listens, she looks at me when I talk to her, and it’s all thanks to being more mindful of my presence around her.