I help parents build a beautiful relationship with their child so they can have the most successful lives possible.


The Connected Parenting Program

 I help parents reconnect to their identity and children thrive through their individuality. Through this highly successful method, I guide parents in working through the limiting beliefs around parenthood and reconnect to their identity so that they can honor themselves, therefore honor their child's individuality and create space for their child to develop and succeed in their own unique way.

Are you ready to enhance your parent child relationship?

I'd love to share some of the techniques I've used throughout my 15 years of childcare / The results I've acquired from these simple yet powerful steps are what have led parents to be in shock at the difference between the way their children responded and interacted with me compared to anyone else.

Use My Ultimate Guide to Connected Parenting.



I'm Haila Macedo


As a Connected Parenting Coach, I help you gain clarity around your child's unique blueprint for connection so that your child can begin to process communication in a way that will allow them to thrive throughout their developmental stages.

By mindfully expanding perception around the art of connecting and implementing my successful method, you will create a container where your child will feel deeply and fully supported as an individual and thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.