I Help Powerful Women Live Powerful Lives.


The Embody You Power Program

 I lead women back to their power so that they can cut through the stories and live out their purpose. This highly successful method blends in rituals that allow you to reconnect and action steps that guide you in manifesting a rewarding reality.

Are you taking responsibility for your energetic frequency?

Your frequency affects your mood, actions, speech, and how you manifest

 Use the Energetic Vibrational Frequency Checklist and stay on top of the game.


 I'm Haila Macedo

As Women's Empowerment Coach, I help you step into your power so that you can liberate yourself from the stories that have been holding you back from living out your purpose and achieving success from a place of greatness.

By implementing rituals that reprogram conditioning and upgrade your belief system, you will have a foundation that's strong enough to hold all the abundance that you'll start to call in once you begin to live out loud in your power.